Welcome to the Belpre Church! Thanks so much for visiting this website! We’re excited about your interest in Jesus Christ and in the Belpre Church. We believe that God is allowing things to spring to life at Belpre. It’s exciting to see and be a part of an ongoing wonderful transformation.   

Jesus once said, “The kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old” (Matt. 13:52). The kingdom is not all new, but it’s not all old either. It’s a holy blend of both.  

While I’ve been closely acquainted with the Belpre Church for about 35 years, I feel so privileged to have now become the Preaching Minister as of May 2010. I’m honored to follow Ron Laughery’s amazing 37 year tenure in that role. I’m saying this because it lets you know something about this wonderful congregation. It’s stable, but not stale. The Belpre Church has not only been a solid leading congregation in the Mid-Ohio Valley for many years, but there’s a balance of stability and freshness here that our world seems to be crying out for. This is a place where Christ has empowered a blessed endurance. Part of what’s helped is that Christ has led the Belpre Church to hold unwaveringly to what is of eternal significance, while adapting in other areas of less importance.

We’re unapologetically “in process.” We’re not perfect, but perfecting. We don’t believe God is even close to being done with the Belpre Church! We choose to believe that the great years of our rich past are going to be complimented by future years that will be as great or even greater. As you click around on our website, get a feel for our heritage and our newness. The bottom line? Times (and websites) change, but our God is eternal. We believe his presence in Belpre needs to be felt until time is no more. Join us in the journey.  


Jeff Stevenson

Preaching Minister, The Belpre Church