our story

The Church of Christ at Belpre began in 1933 and moved from Walnut Street to the Washington Boulevard location in 1973. The Belpre Church has enjoyed a rich history of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The church is currently served by five shepherds: Jack Thorn, Dan Canada, Bob Crum, Mark Kaufman and Marty Clark. The Ministry Staff includes Jeff Stevenson (2010, Preaching Minister) and Travis Williams (2012 Family Life Minister). The church is also served by  two deacons and 11 ministry leaders. The Church of Christ at Belpre is a multi-generational church ... and here you will find both young and old folks worshipping God together.  

Our history has blessed us with a unique assembling of people from many backgrounds. Our present finds us desiring to reach future generations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The book of Isaiah declares that, "each generation makes known Your faithfulness to the next" (Isaiah 38:19). This is what we want to be about ... the making known of God's faithfulness to all generations.

We enjoy our heritage within the restoration movement. As a restoration church, we are a non-denominational assembly. As such, we seek to independently interpret the Scriptures, and allow the Bible to be our sole basis of authority. Through this lens, we have uncovered a passion to pursue intimacy with God, community with others, and influence in our world.

our statement of faith

  • God is one and exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • God the Father created all things for his glory
  • God the Son, Jesus Christ, is fully human and fully God
  • God the Holy Spirit convicts sinners, brings them to Christ, makes them alive in conversion and indwells them as believers
  • The Bible, as God's clear, complete and sufficient Word, is our supreme authority for all doctrine, behaviors and ministry
  • Angels are spirits sent to help those who will inherit salvation
  • Man is made in God's image, but has fallen because of sin, in rebellion to God and is helplessly lost
  • Creation occurred when God spoke everything into existence in six consecutive 24-hour days, apart from evolution
  • Sin is any disobedience to God's law. It's penalty is eternal death
  • Salvation is achieved by Jesus Christ, who alone lived a perfect life, died in our place and resurrected to make us right
  • The Family is built on the lifetime marriage of one man to one woman
  • God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility are both taught in Scripture
  • Miracles in the Bible are real, but usually occurred in times of new revelations
  • The Church includes anyone, anywhere at anytime who puts their faith in Jesus Christ and it is essential to spiritual growth
  • Baptism is full immersion upon one's faith and repentance. In baptism, one receives the forgiveness of sins and the Holy Spirit
  • The Lord's Supper is a memorial of Christ's death for believers till he returns
  • Worship is a lifestyle, but all Christians are to assemble each first day of the week for public worship
  • Our Mission is to reach up (vibrant worship), reach out (make disciples), and reach in (mature disciples) by preaching and practicing the gospel
  • Civil Government is instituted by God to maintain peace and order on earth. It should be obeyed, but never over God
  • Christ's Future Return will be glorious and personal; visible and audible to all; and it will instantly trigger the resurrection, the end of the universe and the eternal judgment

Adopted March 2018 by the Leadership Team of the Belpre Church

beginning steps

Our hope is that each person who attends Belpre will move beyond our Sunday morning gatherings ... and into a deeply rooted, active life of faith in Jesus.

All of us are on a journey ... a journey to discover purpose and meaning in life. We are all on a journey to uncover something to believe in. The Belpre Church would love the opportunity to assist you in taking the next step in your faith journey.

If you are interested in a new beginning in Christ, the Church of Christ at Belpre encourages you to make initial steps in a couple of ways.  

We believe it's very important for a person's faith to be founded on an informed understanding of the basics of Scripture (Rom. 10:14-17). Bible studies toward this end are offered, but in two primary ways. First, one may request a private Bible study.  We call this the Lifepoint Study.  This can be done at your home or at the church building at any time you may choose. Second, twice a year the Church offers a class called "Come N See." This class meets on specified Sunday mornings from 9:00-9:45 a.m.  If you are interested in either a private Lifepoint Bible study or enrolling in Come N See, please contact the church office at 740-423-7021 or email us at info@belprechurch.com. Both formats emphasize sensitively teaching the gospel in a way that respects the hearer's understanding and how they choose to respond.

partnership with belpre

The Church of Christ at Belpre affirms and encourages church partnership.

Partners are guided through specific steps to move to a deeper level of spiritual growth. The Belpre Church's goal is to keep people moving deeper to the next “level” or "stage."

Partnership expectations include the following: 1) baptism (immersion) into the name of Jesus Christ; 2) weekly worship attendance; 3) a sincere attempt at holy living; 4) involvement in a weekly Bible study; and 5) giving of your time and money to God’s kingdom. While specifics are left to the individual to work out, the Church of Christ at Belpre encourages partners to tithe their income and give at least one hour a week in service or help to others.

If you would like to become a partner of the Belpre church, please download and fill out the Prospective Partner Form and email it to info@belprechurch.com or by mail, 2932 Washington Blvd, Belpre, OH 45714.